About Us

Grocerage has been in the vegetables and fruits business since 2016. Since its inception, the Company has been based in the familiar fresh produce wholesale trade scene at Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre.

Managing Grocerage is its Sole Director - Mr Riston Lee, an astute person, who have been successful in managing its business to not only supplying restaurants, but also many retail shops all over Singapore. Currently, Grocerage employs more than ten employees to operate its day-to-day business activities. Employees are ranging from administrators, packers and delivery personnel.

We have dedicated fresh produce farms all over Malaysia and other parts of the world. After years of mutual trust between Grocerage and its overseas suppliers, consumers can be assured that every product purchased from us would have freshness guaranteed and are in excellent condition.

The Company is always on the lookout to source for new and enthralling produces to match customers' demand regardless of any season.

In this digital age, Grocerage has noticed the importance of the online community. Since then, it has expanded its core business to the online scene. Consumers can now look forward to choosing from the vast varieties of fresh produce for bulk and personal purchase.

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